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mom of twins.postpartumdepression

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I am 39, first time mother of two identical heart stealing girls. My girls are now 5 years old. Although I am better, I still have some disruptive, lingering symptoms of PPD. I have good days and bad.  I tend to write on good days, and just survive bad ones.  I have learned that no matter how bad I feel today, no matter how much I weep or feel like giving up, I know now that these feeling are todays, tomorrow is a different day and probably a good one (seeing how I just had a bad one).   On a fairly good day I do enjoy taking the bad or annoying things that happen to me and turning them into something that makes me laugh, hence the Insomnia Fairy with the Angelia Jolie lips, ants who have the trots, and the Soprano man boobs in my Daily Journal.  Then I remember the funny story and not the actual annoyance or grief of the event.  I would prefer to laugh if I can.  
Girlies all the time. Though I do sneak off to the gym now.
I like to travel, I've been to 16 nations. Italy is my favorite, India was the most challenging. I love "girl nights" with a good Jane Austen movie. I love holy mischief, like tipping more than the meal is worth and not getting caught. I love singing, clean sheets, sleeping in, evening walks, and chocolate in any form. I despise pickles, wet jeans, mosquitos, a dirty house, and being taught something I already know.
Favorite TV Shows:
24, Newsroom, Drunk History
Favorite Movies:
Power of Of One, Amelie, Hope and Glory, Dead Poets Society, Pride and Prejudice, To end all Wars, Empire of the Sun, Sense and Sensibility, Amazing Grace, Four Feathers, Shashank Redemption, Just Friends
Favorite Books:
Pride and Prejudice
Favorite Quotes:
"I am a very important person on my planet"" Honey!! Where is my supersuit?!" "Nothing very very good, or very very bad, lasts for very very long" "If you love truth you never have to be afraid of it" - me

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